Falling into Fall Fashion – Must Try Trends for Fall/Winter 2016

Top 5 Must Try Trends for Fall/Winter 2016


After watching the Milan, London, New York and Paris fashion shows, it’s very clear designers are being influence by the 70’s and 90’s fashion trends.  The 70’s were all about loose pants, belts and velvet fabrics as opposed to the 90’s, which were all about grunge-looking clothes. Here are five of the biggest trends according to Rafalogie for Fall/Winter 2016-2017.

1. Plaid
Plaid for fall. Groundbreaking, right? Plaid is playing a tremendous role for fall trends as usual but it is also due to the heavy impact of the 90’s on the world of fashion. Grunge was big during spring and summer and is staying strong during fall. Last year fall was all about stripes however; this year is all about those squares. So just remember to plaid it out and check mate your wardrobe this season.

img_0112 img_0113


2. Western

Ready to get those guns out and be like “The Lone Ranger”? This fall, be prepared to live in the Wild West as the western-style clothing is making its arrival. Prepare yourself to see a lot of cowboy, outlaw and gunfighter influence in clothing pieces. The most fascinating comeback is the cape and poncho for men; it was one of the top must-haves for men in the nineteenth century and it is finally back in style, suited for this day and age. It can be worn without sleeves and/or with openings for hands, as seen on the runway by Burberry and Gucci.  I am still in the search for the perfect poncho but I love my western denim shirts!

img_0122 img_0121 img_0119Denim Shirt: Zara


3. Bomber Jackets

Love World War I and the movie “Top Gun”? Well then this trend is for you! The must have item for this year’s summer/spring is staying for fall/winter season. Bomber Jackets are similar to flight jackets but shorter. They are some of the most versatile jackets out there, as they are great for casual days and can also be wore with elegant suits. But most importantly, it keeps the outfit looking stylish and comfortable

img_0100 img_0092 img_0088 Faux Suede Bomber Jacket:Forever21 (21men)
Skinny Moto Black Stretch Jeans: PacSun


4. Puff Jackets
Take a puff and enjoy the ride.  This trend is all about looking sporty and a bit of volume.  Like the wolf in the story of the three little pigs, the wolf answered: ‘Then I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your house in.’ But in this case he is about to puff and huff in your jacket.  The only warning is to try to choose a style that is as streamlined as possible so you don’t look like a marshmallow, and pair it with slim-fitting jeans and sneakers.

I decided to pair my puffer vest with my bomber jacket and I am loving the combo!





5. Military

Talking about World War, military fashion is back this fall and winter with some cool additions. Band jackets are playing a big role so it is time to march to the beat of your own drum and get with this casual yet elegant piece. Surprisingly, velvet is back due to the 70’s influence even though it has usually been associated with elderly fashion. This fall, however, is all about being elegant yet casual, making the combination of velvet with military a perfect way to accomplish the casual-elegant look.

I am still on the look for the Balmain military jacket but for now I found the perfect vintage World War II military jacket.



Or you can go with something less heavy and more casual


Style Advice:
The best style advice would be to choose one focus point and keep the rest simple. Usually guys get overwhelmed when they are trying to buy clothes or deciding what to wear. A way to do it could be getting some amazing shoes or an amazing bomber jacket; either way keep the rest of the outfit simple. Once you’ve found your focus point, the rest becomes about complimenting or contrasting the main piece. This of course takes some practice, but a good rule of thumb is to follow style bloggers on Instagram or any other form of social media. Bloggers often define styles so once you have a connection with one style, it is easier to observe what works and what doesn’t.

Falling into Fall Fashion – Must Try Trends for Fall/Winter 2016

The Rafalogie, The GQ and The Face Swap

According to Carrie Bradshaw: “In life, certain events come along so rarely that when they do, special attention must be paid. Events like Haley’s comet, solar eclipses, getting that second latte for free.”  And guess the following below is my rare event…

The Rafalogie, The GQ and The Face Swap

Rafalogie Must Haves – Gboard

iPhone users:

Meet Gboard, a new app for your iPhone that lets you search and send information like GIFs, emojis and more right from your keyboard.  If you are an iPhone owner who has been dreaming and wishing for a way to get the power of Google search in your keyboard, Google has good news for you today!  An all new iOS keyboard with basically Google inside!

Rafalogie Must Haves – Gboard

From Bullied to Cool Superheroes

As a kid, it is easy to be bullied by other kids for silly things like wearing the wrong t-shirt or having to wear glasses. I remember not being an exception to the bullies back in my day and was constantly made fun of for the disproportion of my head compared to my body. Kids all over the world are bullied on a daily basis progressively lowering self-esteem in early years of their lives; however, some kids have bigger and worst reasons for which they are bullied. Such as missing a limb…

From Bullied to Cool Superheroes

Downtown Phoenix Art

For Rafalogie’s first shoot I decided to show the new artistic area in Downtown Phoenix called the Roosevelt District.  Is full of graffiti and beautiful murals.

Some local artist such as:

  • Lalo Cota
  • Thomas “Breeze” Marcus
  • Sakoia
  • Martin Moreno

Are creating amazing art, some of them starting as “taggers” which is more about destroying or vandalizing property.  But now those artist are being paid to create a more hipster vibe around the Roosevelt Area.

And thanks to the amazing talent, the art they created is being used by bloggers to create beautiful pictures.  I decided to give it a try and here are some of the pictures.

[rev_slider downtownphoenix]


Downtown Phoenix Art

Ralph Lauren’s New Athletic Shirt – Geeky, Smart and Fitted

Ralph Lauren’s sensor-laden shirts are finally coming here! It was made in collaboration with Montreal-based tech startup OmSignal, it debuted last year at the US Open tennis tournament and it could be all yours if you have $295 for a workout shirt.

Ralph Lauren’s New Athletic Shirt – Geeky, Smart and Fitted