From Bullied to Cool Superheroes

As a kid, it is easy to be bullied by other kids for silly things like wearing the wrong t-shirt or having to wear glasses. I remember not being an exception to the bullies back in my day and was constantly made fun of for the disproportion of my head compared to my body. Kids all over the world are bullied on a daily basis progressively lowering self-esteem in early years of their lives; however, some kids have bigger and worst reasons for which they are bullied. Such as missing a limb…


But the solution is simple – COOL kid-sized bionic hands to turn kids into those superheroes they’ve always dreamt to be!

Open Bionica company who strives to make low-cost and highly capable prosthetic robotic hands teamed up with Disney to create 3 amazing versions with cool designs and glowing LED features inspired by the following: Iron ManFrozen, and most important of all Star Wars.


A prosthetic hand is more than just improving the wearer’s physical capabilities but it is also about helping them improve their self-confidence and allowing them to become more comfortable in their own skin around people.


The companies team was led by Joel Gibbard, who’s best known for the open source 3D-printable Open Hand Project, Open Bionics is part of Techstars’ Disney Accelerator program.  That means they have royalty access to these three properties, and worked with Lucasfilm’s ILMxLAB on the Star Wars hand making it more realistic.

What is the best part? You may ask. Well… the company wants to keep the cost highly affordable with a focus on aesthetics and design. Making the prosthetics more of a super cool fashion accessory that will boost the kids’ capabilities and improve their every day life!

Story by Gizmodo

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Little Superman

Bionic Arm

Joel Gibbard Presentation 



From Bullied to Cool Superheroes

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