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iPhone users:

Meet Gboard, a new app for your iPhone that lets you search and send information like GIFs, emojis and more right from your keyboard.  If you are an iPhone owner who has been dreaming and wishing for a way to get the power of Google search in your keyboard, Google has good news for you today!  An all new iOS keyboard with basically Google inside!

Announced on Thursday, Gboard is an all-in-one Google experience built into your iOS keyboard.  The quick access Google Search box allows you to find and send data as easy as looking for and sending an emoji!  You can now send info such as:  Restaurant Locations, Score of a baseball game and more without ever leaving the app you are in.

I always hate when people ask me for the address of a restaurant since I have to look it up on Google maps, copy the address and go back to the messages and paste it… but those days are over! Take a look below and see how easy it is to find and share that address without leaving your message window.



Here is a quick video to introduce Gboard!

And of course for all those worried about Google collecting your data, Google pointed out during the release that they will only collect “anonymous statistics” in order to diagnose problems when the app crashes and know which features are used most often.

Just go to the App Store and download Gboard it’s only 33.5 megabytes and it’s FREE.

Rafalogie Must Haves – Gboard

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