Lyle & Scott bPay Jacket

Wearing something around your wrist not really your style? Have great news for you!

Thanks to partnership of Lyle & Scott and Barclays you can have some NFC(Near Field Communication) payment built right into your jacket. The payment bit is hidden in the cuff of the sleeve, and with bPay (Barclays Pay Technology) inside it means you can use your credit or debit card (from Barclays or any other bank) to complete transactions in hundreds of thousands places currently in the UK.  Currently you can only make transaction of under 30 Pounds.

The design of the jacket is nothing futuristic or modern, but more classic as is the brand of Lyle & Scott.  Smart move since this will allow them to target a more conservative but still tech savvy market.

Screenshot 2015-10-03 10.29.16 Screenshot 2015-10-03 10.28.49

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Lyle & Scott bPay Jacket

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