The Rafalogie, The GQ and The Face Swap

According to Carrie Bradshaw: “In life, certain events come along so rarely that when they do, special attention must be paid. Events like Haley’s comet, solar eclipses, getting that second latte for free.”  And guess the following below is my rare event…

The Rafalogie

Ever since I was a little kid I’ve always wanted to be on the cover of GQ magazine. I viewed GQ as the bible of style where men were always dressed astonishing and the editorials were relevant.

The GQ

Then one day I finally made it…well, kind of. With the magic of face swap I was interchanged with David Beckham, and I finally made my dream come true. I was on the cover of GQ magazine. Little did I know that my silly little picture was going to be selected for publishing in this month’s feature.


The Face Swap

On a sweltering day in June I breathed a sigh of relief as I walked into the store to pick up my groceries for the week along with the new month’s issue of GQ. I approached the magazine aisle glimmering with excitement to see myself featured. I fumbled through the issue to page 26 when I abruptly stopped flipping pages.

There I was. Under “Dudes of Instagram – GQ Male Models” with my picture placed too close for comfort underneath the title “Terrifying Face Swaps.” I would have never agreed to be in an article with this title. I was set up! I was told “face swaps” point blank. Terrifying was never a part of the deal.



As any other rational human being would want to do, I wish I could buy all of the magazines available to dispose of the evidence, but little did I know those anticipating a more flattering image had already viewed the unfortunate demise of my fashion blogger career. After pondering my options for a moment I decided I might as well embrace what had been given to me; as I always like to say: beggars cannot be choosers. I was on the cover of GQ. Well, actually I was on the bottom right corner of page 26 of GQ and the image was a selfie of me holding a former issue face swapped with Beckham. But nevertheless it was still GQ.


As the article said: “The resulting face swaps were unsettling, to say the least, but isn’t all true art?” Yes. Fucking amazing true art. This feature basically proves that David Beckham and I are practically twins ??.  To all those aspiring young people who wonder if they themselves will one day be in their personal bible of style, be careful what you wish for, be careful what you post on twitter, and always ask for the name of the article before providing consent for your picture to be published ??.

If not you will end up like Carrie and me… Terrifying or Single & Fabulous, question mark?



The Rafalogie, The GQ and The Face Swap

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