Style Influencer: Kurt Cobain – Grunge Style Icon

The Rebel turned into a Fashion Icon


“I don’t know why I’d rather be dead than cool”   – Kurt Cobain


Kurt Cobain famous Leopard coat with alien sunglasses –  Picture Credit: theeyeoffaith


Kurt Cobain Stripped Tee at the MTV awards –  Picture Credit: Capital.ci


Kurt Cobain’s MTV Unplugged Sweater – Photo Credit: Media1.Break

The 90’s are back in style for spring/summer 2016, and naturally, we can’t mention 90’s grunge without being inspired by Kurt Cobain. He had a distinctive grunge style better defined as Thrift Store Chic, which continues to be an inspiration today along with his “careless attitude.” The fact that he hardly cared what anyone thought about him or his style is exactly why everyone did and still does.

Cobain style was an inspirational blend of women’s wear and grunge/punk. He displayed a love for mixed textures and colors, regularly integrating them into his outfits. Which consisted mostly of graphic t-shirts, light wash denim jeans and oversized knitwear, especially cardigan sweaters.

His style was an inspirational mix of women’s wear and grunge/punk. His outfits reflected his ideology regarding social norms and sexuality, as he always felt closer to the feminine gender, while simultaneously dismissing America cookie-cutter standard of what a male is supposed to dress and be. With the current trends of genderless and androgynous style, it is little wonder why collections for this season, such as Saint Laurent’s Spring 2016, is full of plaid, alien sunglasses, slumped shoulders and genderless looks.

If you know me personally, then undoubtedly you realize my style is inspired by 90s grunge/punk. That’s why I am so excited it’s back! I have always been influenced by Kurt Cobain and today’s Rafalogie post reflects my deep appreciation and admiration of his attitude and style.

Style Influencer: Kurt Cobain – Grunge Style Icon

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